Bastyr University California Student Government Association

BUC SGA is a non-profit student-run organization that is responsible for the following three areas of student life.

The main purpose of SGA is to ensure that the needs of the students of Bastyr University California are being heard and communicated to the Bastyr University California Administration. SGA works closely with administration members to ensure that issues and suggestions are addressed by the administration in a timely fashion, and to communicate important messages back to the student body. An example of this in practice would be a meeting between the VP of Academic Affairs and the Dean of Students to discuss gaps in education or a dispute between a faculty member and several students. A follow-up plan would then be drawn up, followed-through-on, and then communicated back to the students. Interested students would be empowered to take part in this process.

SGA has chosen to focus on creating collaborative relationships at all levels of leadership and of fostering an attitude of civic agency among students. We believe that BUC operates best when all parts of the community are healthy and engaged. SGA seeks out opportunities for students to assist members of the administration in determining the strategy and direction of the school as a whole. It is our belief that students’ professional lives do not begin after they graduate, but as soon as they enter the doors of BUC.  We believe that they benefit from being engaged, informed and empowered members of their community, and that the university benefits from this as well.

SGA provides support to student-run clubs and organizations within the university. We do this by providing avenues for funding and by connecting students with relevant stakeholders so that they can accomplish their goals. You can read more about the types of support we provide in the V.P. of Activities section.

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