We’ve heard you club leaders!  You wanted easier ways to apply for money, register your clubs and renew your status. We’ve created online forms to help you in this process. Please pay attention to application deadlines as you prepare to submit them, and feel free to contact your VP of Activities with any questions. We are here to help!

Club Approval and Maintenance Requirements

Recognition of an organization/club is subject to approval by BUC Student Government Association (SGA). Applicants will be informed of approval outcome via email. The minimum requirements for approval is that an organization/club maintain at least one (1) faculty or administration advisor and six (6) BUC student members at all times.

All organizations/clubs must keep SGA informed of meeting times in a timely manner and organization/club meetings may not be held during SGA open meetings. A minimum of 3 meetings are to be held per quarter with an attendance of at least 3 members.