Club Approval and Maintenance Requirements

Recognition of an organization/club is subject to approval by BUC Student Government Association (SGA).  Applicants will be informed of approval outcome via email.  The minimum requirements for approval is that an organization/club maintain at least one (1) faculty or administration advisor and three (3) BUC student members at all times.

All organizations/clubs must keep SGA informed of meeting times in a timely manner and organization/club meetings may not be held during SGA open meetings.

Role of Faculty/Administration Advisor

The role of your Advisor is to:

  1. Advise on maximizing the use of club/organization funds.
  2. Advise clubs/organizations to stay within University policy and regulations in case there any deviation starts to occur.
  3. Ideally be a consistent presence throughout the organization/club’s life from year to year while students come and go.

Club/Organization leaders should meet with their Advisor or encourage their Advisor attend a club meeting at least once per quarter.

Standard Club Requests

Any registered club here at BUC is allowed to request funds up to $100.00. They will need to fill out this Standard Club Request Form to be considered. Once a request has been submitted, SGA will vote to approve that request at the following closed meeting. The club contact person will receive an email notifying them as to whether the request was approved or denied.

Club Reimbursement Process

Once a club request has been approved, it is the responsibility of the club and their respective contact person to complete two things.

  1. Fill out a Funding Reimbursement Form.  This will be emailed to you upon approval of your request.
  2. Present original itemized receipts of purchase.

These can both be accomplished during the finance office hour on Tuesday from 10:00-11:00 AM. In the event that a contact person cannot attend during that time, they may fill out the form and submit receipts to Ryan Namdarkhan or Dr. Deborah Gordon.


  • In order to be eligible for reimbursement, clubs must have at least 3 members in attendance at all meetings.  Attendance sheets showing the date of the club meetings, name of attendees, and signature of attendees must be submitted along with Funding Reimbursement Forms.
  • Reimbursement is only for funds spent at time of submission proven by original itemized receipts despite approval amount.
  • Program, event, item, etc must be for BUC students.  Funded monies are not to be used for non-BUC club related expenses.
  • Funded monies are not to be a donated to philanthropy or to be used for the sale of club goods, even if they are being sold for club fundraising purposes.
  • Annual or recurring programs are not guaranteed repeat sponsorship.
  • In the event that funded monies in which large or permanent equipment/items are purchased for a club, those permanent equipment/items must remain on-campus unless approval is granted by the BUC SGA.
  • Funds not used valuing up to but not exceeding $100.00 per club will still be available for requests in following quarters by that club for that academic year.
    • For example: If a club requested $100 for herbs and they were approved but only spent $80 on those herbs, they will only be reimbursed for the $80. They have the opportunity the following quarter to apply for the remaining $20 that their club is allowed to request.
    • Once a club has been reimbursed their allotted $100.00 they can no longer receive funds unless they apply for a major funding request.

Funding Reimbursement Forms along with the original itemized receipts are sent to Washington where they are processed. Expect one to two months for processing and fund disbursement.

Major Funding Requests

In the infrequent event that a club would like to request funds exceeding $100.00, they will have to fill out a separate Major Funding Request Form. A response email will be sent at which point the club contact person will choose an open meeting date to present their request proposal to SGA including all students in attendance.


  • Note that approval of funds does not guarantee full disbursement. SGA and all students in attendance collectively have the right to decide the funds appropriate for allocation based on fund availability and the nature of each request.
  • Each request will be dealt with on individual terms under the current financial status of the BUC SGA and the current needs of the student body at BUC.
  • This MUST be submitted within 60 days or else no club funds will be given.