How do I create a club?

1) Confirm there are at least six members willing to create and participate in your club.

2) Fill out the Club Registration Form on our website here. At this time it is not necessary to have a separate email address for your club, but the first question on the form will check to see if you do have one just in case.

3) You will be sent a confirmation by VP of Activities that your registration has been processed and that you are officially a student club/organization at Bastyr University California!
How do I renew a club?
1) The week before classes start each fall, a club/organization renewal form will be available to clubs who have already been granted successful registration in the year(s) prior.
2) After completion of this form, you will be sent a confirmation by VP of Activities that your renewal has been processed and that your organization is still eligible for funding requests for that academic year (should privileges not be revoked).
3) The form can be found here.

What is the role of Faculty/Administration Advisor?

The role of your Advisor is to:

  1. Advise on maximizing the use of club/organization funds.
  2. Advise clubs/organizations to stay within University policy and regulations in case there any deviation starts to occur.
  3. Ideally be a consistent presence throughout the organization/club’s life from year to year while students come and go.

Club/Organization leaders should meet with their Advisor or encourage their Advisor to attend a club meeting at least once per quarter.

What are the club funding requirements?

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, clubs must have at least three (3) members in attendance at all meetings.  Attendance sheets must show 1) the date of the club meetings, 2) name of the attendees, and 3) the signature of attendees.  Attendance sheets must be submitted upon approval of the Request.

How do I request standard funding?

Any approved club is allowed to request funds of up to $100.00. They will need to fill out this Standard Funding Request Form to be considered. Once a request has been submitted, SGA will vote to approve that request at the following open meeting. SGA will then notify the club leader(s) via email as to whether the request was approved or denied.


How doI request major funding requests?

In the infrequent event that a club would like to request funds in excess of $100.00, they will have to fill out a separate Major Funding Request Form. SGA will confirm receipt to the club leader(s) via email and notify them of the next open SGA meeting date where they must formally present their request to both SGA and the student body in attendance.  At the meeting the club representative(s) will explain what the reimbursement is for (food, supplies, etc.).  SGA officers will then vote to approve or deny the request.


What is the club reimbursement process?

Once a Standard or Major Request has been approved, it is the responsibility of the club and their representative(s) to meet with the VP of Finances (Francesca Medina) to fill out forms that must be turned in with ORIGINAL itemized receipts for processing in Kenmore.  All receipts must be turned in within 60 days of purchase.  Expect 1-2 months for processing and fund disbursement.



  • Program, event, item, etc. must be for BUC students.  Funded monies must only be used for BUC club-related expenses.
  • Funded monies cannot be donated to philanthropy or to be used for the sale of club goods, even if they are being sold for club fundraising purposes.
  • Annual or recurring programs are not guaranteed repeat reimbursement.
  • In the event that funded monies in which large or permanent equipment/items are purchased for a club, those permanent equipment/items must remain on-campus unless approval is granted by SGA.
  • Any unused funds from the original $100.00 club allotment will still be available for additional requests for the current academic year.
    • For example: If a club requested and were approved for $100 worth of herbs but only spent $80 on those herbs, they will only be reimbursed for the $80. They have the opportunity to apply for the remaining $20 in their club allotment prior to the end of the academic year.
    • Once a club has been reimbursed their allotted $100.00 they can no longer receive funds unless they apply for a Major Funding Request.