Clubs enrich the BUC community by adding depth and breadth to the educational experience offered here.
Whether clubs are academic or social in nature, Student Council values club leaders and members highly enough to make over $100 available to each of them per year. We believe that students have inner wisdom, guidance, and knowings about what they and their peers need, and that they should be empowered to create changes in their own community.
We support clubs by helping them strategize about meetings with administration and by providing connections and guidance and funds for use towards enriching student life.
¬†We’re so thankful for our student leaders who work hard to make BUC a better place. Contact your VP of Activities with questions, ideas and comments. We are here for you.

BUC Club List

Club Name Co-Coordinators/ PresidentFaculty/Staff Advisor
ActivatorAlice Nguyen, Min Kim, & Jessica Greene N/A
Applied Kinesiology Ruth Dana, Randy Gastwirt, & Darlene LeeDr. Joseph De Armas
Ayurveda Anjali Barve, Samika Savanur, & Natalia LomnickiDr. Cynthia Hope
Botanical MedicineSarah BuckDr. Cynthia Hope
BUC Student Alliance for the ArtsSamantha Larkin, Leslie Black, & Thomas McSayDr. Shidfar Rouhani
Chess Club Joseph Shum N/A
CookingAlec PecklerDr. Anesia Groves
CranioSacral Therapy Cindy ChengN/A
Family Resource Outreach Group (FROG)Sarah DuhonDr. Shidfar Rouhani
Flower AlchemyMegan Marie, Jennifer Champion, & Nikki FrangoudiseN/A
Half the sky movementHanisha Patel, Charity Woodard, & Fernanda Gallo MorenoN/A
Homeopathy Sabrina KoperskiN/A
House of WorshipMatt WallJennifer Ruiz
Integrative medicine Serina Aubrecht & Aisha NouhDr. Jessica Dominguez-Rieg, Dr. Joseph De Armas
Massage ClubDarlene Lee & Thomas MacsayDr. Shidfar Rouhani
MovementKertia, Duga, Samika Savanur, & Seff TrittN/A
NMSASerina Aubrecht, Natasha Monterey, & Pei Hsin (Cindy) ChengDr. Shidfar Rouhani & Heather Carrie
NutritionSarah Duhon & Haylee NilaJennifer Ruiz
Pediatrics Alec PecklerDr. Shidfar Rouhani
Persian Culture Gina Ball, Nikka Kanani, & Elliot AnavimDr. Shidfar Rouhani
PhilosophyAisha Nouh, Elijah McCarthy, & Ryan OlsonN/A
ResearchAlec PecklerDr. Jessica Dominguez-Rieg, Dr. Rouhani
Salsa DancingChristina Zarlengo & Fernanda Gallo MorenoRaul Martinez
SpanishSerina Aubrecht & Rowena DalyRaul Martinez, Dr. Sunshine Weeks, Dr. Joseph De Armas
Sports medicine & Martial Arts CollectiveAlice NguyenDr. Shidfar Rouhani
TennisPeter Raisanen, Seff Tritt, & Elijah McCarthyN/A
Writers GuildAisha Nouh & Genevieve PriceRaul Martinez
Yoga Club Ashley Segal, Fernanda Gallo Moreno, & Caileen MaeAlison Scott