As the first Naturopathic Student Think Tank, our mission is to identify, examine, and generate “best care practices” for the array of environmental factors influencing our health in our current yet ever-changing community and it’s ecosystems.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

The Modern Home
– Examine present building methodologies and material quality
– Tackling air and water filtration
– Furnishing a toxin-free and environmentally sustainable house

Food Consumerism
– Proactively navigating the modern marketplace (food & product quality, sourcing and preparation methodology)

Product Consumerism
– Mitigating radiation of new technologies (cell phones, computers, Wifi routers, lighting)

Industrial Agriculture
– Present vs. Old Farming methodologies
– Successful models of regenerative farming
– How they can be employed in our San Diego community

We intend for our efforts to develop a unified voice for the BUC community, helping support and inspire a more comprehensive care model that aligns with our naturopathic principles.

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