What Are Educational Reimbursement Grants (ERG’s)?

ERG’s were created to help the students at BUC in two ways:

  • They help subsidize the cost to attend educational events that are directly related to enhancing educational and/or professional growth.
  • They allow BUC students, who were unable to attend said events, to learn from their peers who were able to attend. This fosters and enhances the growth of all students in the BUC community.


ERG Award Value

The maximum ERG award for a given academic year is $100.

  • If less than $100 was spent, the amount of reimbursement shall not exceed the amount spent.
  • If more than $100 was spent, the amount of reimbursement will not be in excess of $100.


Availability of ERG’s

There are 3 ERG’s allocated to each month, a total of 36 for the academic year.  If more than 3 ERG requests are submitted in a particular month, the eligible recipients will be chosen by on a first-come, first-served basis. Any unawarded ERG funds will be evenly allocated to the remaining months of the academic year.


Who Is Eligible for an ERG?

To be eligible for an Educational Reimbursement Grant, students must do the following:

  1. Plan on attending or have already attended an event
  2. Fill out the ERG Request Form
  3. Attend an open SGA meeting to explain what the reimbursement is for (conference/webinar fees, travel costs, lodging, etc.). SGA officers will then vote to approve or deny the application.
  4. If approved, the student must then do one of the following:
    • Lunch and learn talk
    • Create a poster board that summarizes your experience (to be displayed in the Interactive Area)
    • Create and upload a ~5 minute video summarizing your experiences.  The video will then be posted to the SGA website.
    • Upload notes from the event to be shared with the student body.

If one of the above options is not done, the request will be denied.


  • The request can be made only for an event in the current academic year.
  • Each ERG recipient will only be awarded one (1) grant per academic year.
  • If there are no original itemized receipts available, the request will be denied.


What Events are Eligible for ERG’s

  • Events (e.g. conferences, seminars, webinars, Lobby Day, DC FLI, etc.) that are attended within the current academic year will be considered.
  • BUC SGA will determine whether or not the event on a student’s request is appropriate for reimbursement. The BUC SGA reserves the right to deny applications for events that are not directly related to enhancing educational and/or professional growth.


ERG Request Submission Deadlines

ERG Requests may be submitted throughout the quarter as events arise but no later than the end of week 8 of the Spring Quarter.


Disbursement of Funds for ERG’s

Once a BUC student has received approval of the Educational Reimbursement Grant from the BUC SGA they must meet with the VP of Finances (Francesca Medina) to fill out forms that must be turned in with ORIGINAL itemized receipts for processing in Kenmore.  Receipts must be submitted within 60 days of purchase.


It is advised for the student to make a copy of their receipt for their own records first. If they no longer have the original itemized receipt, their ERG will be revoked and another recipient will be chosen.



Only COMPLETE requests will be considered. It is not the responsibility of the VP of Finance or any SGA member to track you down if something is missing or incomplete. If the request is incomplete, it will be denied. No exceptions. You will be notified that it is incomplete but it will be your responsibility to resubmit a request if y